24 November 2023

Welcoming Delta Shores' First Resident

Delta Shores welcomed its first resident, Mr. Bill Greenwood on Friday, 24th November.

To celebrate, Mr Greenwood was chauffeured to his new home by limousine, where he was met by Maas staff and presented the keys to his new home.

Bill’s handover marks the beginning of a vibrant and thriving community within the gated estate and several other new residents will move in shortly.  

Mr Greenwood said he “loved the views Delta Shores over the Southlakes creek system has and chose Southlakes due to the parklands and walking tracks”.

The gated community will also feature a state-of-the-art shared pool and clubhouse, providing residents with a vibrant and interconnected community, within the broader allure of Southlakes Estate. 

Delta Shores, is designed to cater to residents seeking a low maintenance, easy living option. While welcoming residents of all ages and life stages, these estates particularly appeal to those seeking to downsize. The allure lies in the high level of amenity and the sense of community that is fostered within gated estates. The absence of entry or exit fees and the ability to still own the land on which their house is built also provides residents with flexibility.

There are a number of homes already built and on the market within Delta Shores as well as off the plan options still available. Homes start from $657,000.  

Construction of the Delta Shores pool and clubhouse facilities to be expected to be completed in early 2024.

For more information on Maas gated estates, please visit link.

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